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Ageing With Perfect Health, Mobility And Happiness Is A Perfect Spirulina Choice

It is a sad fact that as people progress through life age and ageing become an obsession,  almost from birth, as first children proudly count the number of their years to the nearest fraction, always looking forward to being another year older. Later the "coming of age" signifies freedom, completion of education, relationships, a career, and late marriage and a family. As the age of 40 looms, the effects of ageing become increasingly of concern, and hiding the "signs of ageing" such as grey hairs and wrinkles becoming a daily routine, with the health of an immense choice of "anti-ageing products", which do nothing to prevent the effects of ageing itself, but rather hide the effects from view. Finally, as retirement looms and the age of 60 or 70, when the battle against visible ageing is given up, concerns turn to ageing related conditions and diseases that can affect mobility, quality of life and energy.

health-with-ageWe may nominally become older according to the calendar, but HOW we age - physical and mental effects of ageing we actually experience, is a choice - a state of mind, how physically active we are, and above all diet.

The foods we eat - or do not eat, can and do have a profound effect on the health, vitality and appearance of the body throughout life, but increasingly more so as we reach 50, 60, 70 years, where a lifetime of poor eating and lifestyle habits and choices can really exert a major influence on health, mobility, quality of life and ultimately longevity.

The cornerstone of Healthy Ageing is Nutrition- the food we eat exerts a massive and profound effect on every aspect of ageing gracefully and healthily.

After all, if a person has poor eyesight, low energy, joint stiffness, aches and pains and generally feels badly about their lifestyle, mobility state of health and appearance, how is it possible to enjoy any quality of life. Sadly many older people simply accept this as a "fact of life", as an inevitable consequence of getting old, and adopt a mindset which simply accepts their situation, allowing themselves to slide towards the end of their life with the help of increasing medical care, nursing assistance, mobility transport, and ultimately a nursing or care home as a prelude to the welcome release of death.

It follows then that if an older person is enjoying perfect healthy, vitality, is fully mobile with a young appearance for their age, and constantly stimulate the mind with enjoyable activities such as walking in the park or nature each day, they will have a much more positive approach to life, positive mindset, and will be considerably more physically and mentally active - all of which will result in a Feeling, Looking and Being younger and more independent all round. With this lifestyle even 100 years of age can seem young, being fully possible to enjoy a full, mobile, independent, medicine free lifestyle even as a centenarian,indeed in many parts of the world where people life the lifestyle described, there are many people of 100 years and more living the sort of active life a 50 year old would enjoy in most parts of the world.

It is a fact that the healthiest, youngest looking and longest lived people - including many age world record holders living to 120 years and more - all eat a perfect human diet which is a Natural Whole Food and Raw Vegan Diet, without meat, fish or dairy products, processed or fast foods,  unhealthy drinks and so on. This is the diet the human body is designed for and thrives upon in optimum health.


There are countless people while well in to their 70's, look and have the lifestyle of people in their 40's  - such as Mimi Kirk, pictured here at 73 years of age. Mimi consumes only Organic Raw Vegan foods obtained where possible fresh from local Farmer's Markets.

Mimi Kirk and countless people like her, in their 70's, 80's and 90's are perfect living examples of how absolutely fundamental nutrition - choice of foods - is to a healthy lifestyle which totally defies ageing by at least 30 years and potentially indefinitely. 

The Human Body is almost completely rebuilt ever 2 years or so - after 2 years at the most - in many cases just days or weeks - every cell has been completely replaced with a new cell, so the body is never more than 2 years or so old in real terms. It follows therefore that with a perfect diet, exercise and mindset we can potentially live for forever if we wish, with a young, healthy lifestyle and appearance.

In reality however, not everyone has the inclination or life situation to convert to the ultimate Raw Vegan diet - so is there anything these people can do to look like Mimi Kirk and countless others at 73 years of age, with perfect health and vibrant energy to match? 

Absolutely there is, assuming a person is willing to at least stop consuming unhealthy, toxic foods and drinks, and prepared to adopt a more healthy, positive lifestyle - which again - is a choice available to everyone.

Spirulina Is Much More Nutritionally Complete Than Even A Raw Vegan Diet, With The Additional Benefit Of A Wide Range Of Components, Many Of Which Will Counteract The Effects Of Ageing. The Most Nutritionally Complete And Safest Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica.

Ageing due to diet has numerous causes and origins, almost all of which can be more than compensated for by consuming adequate amounts of Spirulina each day - a minimum of 30 grams - 100 grams or 4 ounces pf Spirulina powder is better - which is not much at all compared to the profound benefits for health and reversing the effects of ageing.

Each nutrient component of Spirulina is detailed on this site, indicating the benefits including, where appropriate as they relate to reversing and slowing or stopping the effects of ageing. Here however are just a few of the constituents of Spirulina which can combat and reverse the ageing process, some of which cannot be found in others foods at all.

One of the major causes of ageing and ageing related diseases is Free Radical damage to skin and organs due to oxidation. The diet most people pursue today is extremely deficient in constituents that combat the effects of oxidation, and hence progressive damage to the body due to Free Radicals seriously compromises health, and greatly accelerates the visual signs of ageing, including wrinkles - one of the most obvious signs along with greying hair.

Spirulina is extremely high in a wide variety of anti-oxidants that will help to combat the symptoms of ageing. One of the most common anti-oxidants that a complete diet should include is Vitamin E. Many people are deficient in Vitamin E due to a poor diet.

Not only is Spirulina an excellent source of Vitamin E, the Vitamin E in Spirulina is MUCH more bio-available than synthetic forms of Vitamin E found in supplement tablets with a biological activity that is 49% greater than synthetic Vitamin E.

Beta-Carotene-2Spirulina is very high in the powerful anti-oxidant Beta-Carotene.  Beta-Carotene protects the skin and organs of the body from free radical damage due to oxidation, with resultant health and skin appearance benefits. Spirulina in fact contains 25 times more  Beta-Carotene than even raw carrots.

Spirulina is a powerful safeguard against Arthritis and Joint Related Diseases: One of the major causes of pain, stiffness discomfort and immobility as people age is Arthritis and joint pain. The most common types of Arthritis are caused by a build of of Acid crystals in joints due to the overall acidity of the body due entirely to diet, meat and dairy products being high in Uric Acid, the crystallisation of which in joints is a major factor in Arthritis and immobility.

The body is designed to function healthily at a slightly alkaline pH of between 7.25 and 7.5, which is attained naturally in a Raw Vegan diet, but the opposite being true of diets that include, meats, dairy products, refined sugars, processed foods etc, all of which are acidic or highly acidic and will accordingly cause the body to become acidic as well, giving rise to a a wide range of diseases including serious and debilitating as well as potentially terminal diseases such cancer - very much an age related disease - and Arthritis.

Consuming adequate amounts of Spirulina each day will help to maintain an alkaline body pH of 7.25 to 7.5, therefore helping to prevent Arthritis, Cancer, Joint Pain and many other age related diseases.

Spirulina also includes two further constituents that are highly beneficial for joint pain and mobility related issues - Gamma Linolenic Acid - which is extremely powerful in combating joint pain and rarely found in other natural sources, and Phyocynanin which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory.

Spirulina is 100% safe as a Natural solution to inflammatory related health issues, unlike prescription medicines unlike chemical NSAID's and steroid based such as Prednisone, Prednisolone and Cortisone, frequently prescribed for Arthritis, but extremely harmful to the body in many other ways. It should be clear then that consuming adequate Spirulina daily potentially extremely valuable in combating age related mobility and pain related disorders, while reducing or removing the need for dangerous chemical medications such as Prednisone, Prednisolone and Cortisone.

For Maximum Nutritional Benefit Only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina Should Be Taken, Notably This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Very Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

Annette-Larkins72 years of age Annette Larkins who follows an Organic Whole Food Raw Vegan Diet with her husband who chooses to consume a  modern western diet, showing the just how profoundly beneficial a Balanced, Nutritious Healthy diet can be.

While Spirulina cannot replace a Raw Vegan Diet or totally counteract the damaging effects of a modern diet with meats, dairy products and processed foods, Spirulina will, in adequate daily amounts, definitely be Extremely beneficial in providing all of the crucial nutrients that are typically missing from the modern diet, help to make the body more alkaline, as well as providing a very wide range of additional health benefits that are highly beneficial in slowing, stopping or reversing symptoms typically associated with ageing. Anyone can have the appearance, health and vitality of Annette Larkins, Mimi Kirk and many others in to the 70's and beyond, with the help of Spirulina and healthier overall lifestyle.

There are numerous other age related conditions that Spirulina is known to mitigate, as well as others where it is highly likely that Spirulina can be of considerable benefit.

In general terms it is a fact that people consuming a perfect Human Diet of Fresh, Organic Whole Foods and Raw Vegan diet, typically enjoy superior health, vitality, mobility and longevity while greatly reducing typical signs of health and appearance signs of ageing, often appearing and living a lifestyle of people 30 or more years younger who do not consume a Raw Vegan Whole Food Diet.

Spirulina includes all of the nutrients and benefits of a raw Vegan diet, often with many times the nutrients weight for weight, with the additional benefit of many valuable constituents that are not available at all in a raw vegan diet. A Raw Vegan Diet is however extremely healthy and desirable being comprised of fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables as well as other Whole Foods which constitute a complete and healthy diet as evidenced by numerous people around the world.

The Spirulina Is Only As Effective Against Ageing As Its Overall Quality. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Has The Very Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safet Available


 Spirulina can be of immense value in slowing, stabilising and even reversing  the effects usually associated with Ageing, if consumed daily in sufficient amounts. Clearly, the sooner Spirulina is included in the daily diet, the sooner the All Benefits of Spirulina may be enjoyed, but of course this should also be in the context of a healthier, more aware, informed and balanced diet, with adequate fresh water, fresh air and exercise, as well as a positive, proactive mindset.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

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