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Spirulina Helps With Looking Younger Longer, And More Attractive Appearance

Health and Beauty is a multi-billion Dollar growing Industry with people always wishing to look more attractive, appealing, beautiful and handsome, to others, and in particular the opposite gender, which is very often how this vast array of products is marketed to the consumer with all sorts of promises and glitzy advertising, few, if any living up to their loft promises.

Many, if not most of these "beauty products" are designed and marketed to mask the visual signs of ageing -wrinkles, spots, greying hair and so on, promising the wearer to feel and look younger and more appealing to the opposite gender. 

Botulinum Toxin Injection - attempting to conceal ageing.

botoxIncreasingly more people are using the highly invasive measures of plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Botulinum Toxin Injections, both not only costly, but potentially dangerous. This trend serves only to mask the visible appearance of ageing.

The Global "Botox" market alone is forecast to reach $2.9 Billion and the Facial Aesthetics Market $4.7 Billion by 2018, which is a lot of people spending a lot of money, taking a lot of risks, simply hide the effects of ageing for the face alone, not including cosmetics and other regular Beauty products. 

A study carried out in 2008 showed the the average woman spends $100 per month on beauty products alone. While some of these are purely cosmetic, many, if not most are to conceal sagging and wrinkling skin, an other blemishes all arising directly from the affects of lifestyle, food choices and ageing.

All these products can ever do at best is very temporarily mask these appearance issues - usually for the same day of a few hours, but NEVER actually suppress or reverse these affects which will continue regardless of what is done to the face and other visible parts of the body, until a more permanent approach is adopted to suppress and reverse the visible signs of ageing, rendering procedures such as Botulinum Toxin - by definition a toxin - is is toxic - and Plastic surgery unnecessary.

face-maskIn addition to medical and cosmetics , people spend considerable, and increasing time and money on other approaches to conceal signs of ageing such s Beauty Salons, and home products such as "face masks", with variable results and always temporary.

It should be clear therefore that concealing the effects of ageing in order to look and feel younger, more beautiful and attractive, and more appealing to the opposite gender is a major aspect of the life of people generally, especially as they advance in years and the visible signs of ageing increasingly exert an influence.

The Situation With Cosmetic And Beauty Is The Same As It Is With Medicine - Both Attempt To Mask The Symptoms Rather Than Address he Underlying Issue, And Can Never Therefore Be A Real, Enduring Or Satisfactory Situation.

Spirulina Can Not Only Stop, Slow Or Reverse Age Related Cosmetic Appearance, Without The Need To Apply Cosmetic And Beauty Products Externally, To The Skin, Spirulina Can Be Effective Against All Ageing Related Health Issues, So As Well As Healthier, More Attractive Looking Skin And Body, Spirulina Can Also Make You Feel Younger, With More Energy And Vitality To enjoy Life,  Addressing All Ageing And Health Related Issues, Directly, from The Inside Out.

Instead Of Spending So Much On Temporary, Superficial Measures To Conceal The Appearance Of Ageing, It Makes Great Sense To Make Take Adequate Amounts Of Spirulina Each Day, To Both Look And Feel Much Younger and More Attractive.

The ideal product, with the highest nutritional quality and reliably safe without any doubt is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex  available at a highly discounted price.

Here Are Some Of The Very Considerable Benefits You Can Enjoy By Taking Spirulina Regularly, For All Ageing, Healthy. Energy And appearance Related Issues.

Spirulina Is Rich With Anti-Oxidants: One of the most damaging processed at work in the human body, which also exert a huge effect on the skin, are oxidising chemicals and compounds, mostly originating from an incompatible diet of meat and dairy products as well as processed foods, fast foods, convenience foods and so on, causing Free Radical, Oxidation damage to skin and organs which externalises as the appearance of ageing. 

Consuming Spirulina each day in adequate amounts can combat Oxidation,Antioxidants Free Radical damage to body organs - such as the eyes - a cause of Macula Degeneration and Blindness - and of course the skin by scavenging and quenching the highly damaging Oxidation chemicals in the blood.


Spirulina contains all of the well known anti-oxidants including Vitamins C, B1, B5, B6 and E, as well as Zinc, Manganese, Copper.

In addition to the common Anti-Oxidants, Spirulina also includes an extremely powerful group of Anti-Oxidants known as Carotenoids, Including Beta Carotene, Zeaxanthin, Crytoxanthin, Phycocyanin and Lutein.

All of these Powerful, Natural Anti-Oxidants will help to protect skin from damage due to Oxidation, resulting in a much clearer, thicker, elastic and wrinkle free skin.

Spirulina also includes many other constituents which can be of profound benefit to warding off the appearance and other symptoms of ageing, thus helping to maintain a healthy, radiant, young looking skin. We have found that of all brands of Spirulina available, The Very Highest Quality And Most Effective Being This Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica.

One such constituent which is only very rarely found in natural - or any food - is Gamma-Linoleic Acid. Gamma-Linoleic Acid protects the integrity of cell membranes, and therefore skin cells and muscles, also supporting the formation of new cell membranes, all of which helps to strengthen and maintain the skin for a healthy, taught structure and appearance against skin sagging, another visible appearance of ageing.

 Another large group of nutrients contained in Spirulina that are absolutely crucial in supporting all body functions and combat ageing are the Amino Acids. 

Amino-AcidsAmino Acids are the building blocks of life, without which the body would not exist, much less function. Spirulina is unique as a food in containing all 18 Amino Acids required by the body to support Optimum Health, Organs and Body Functions as well as to combat Ageing and maintain Healthy skin. These are: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Ttryptophan, Valine, Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamic Acod, Glycine, Histidine, Proline and Tyrosine.

In addition to Amino Acids, high quality Protein is necessary to Support all parts of the body, including skin, a major component of which is Collagen. Inadequate consumption of quality proteins, alone with the other constituents discussed above, can have a profoundly negative impact on thickness and elasticity of the skin, giving rise to thin looking, wrinkles skin - a classic sign of ageing. 

Spiruluna contains more High Quality Bio-Available protein than any other known food source, and is therefore invaluable to a radiant skin, beauty and to slow, cease or reverse all outwards appearances of ageing.


 Each of the numerous and diverse nutrients in Spirulina together with a description of their health benefits can found elsewhere on this site under the "Spirulina For Health" section, but suffice it to say that Spirulina, consumed in adequate amounts  is absolutely invaluable for slowing, stopping or reversing the usual outwards signs of ageing, including appearance, and help maintain a beautiful, radiant skin and overall appearance, with Health and Vitality.

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