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Spirulina Daily Is Perfect For Protecting Children's Health From Today's Poor Nutrition

It is a sad but true fact that the health of children has deteriorated dramatically over the last few decades and continues to deteriorate at an alarming pace, with increasing cases of childhood diabetes, obesity and decreased immunity to a wide range of seasonal and other diseases, as well as allergies and other immune system related conditions. Other areas of children's health have also deteriorated such as tooth decay and skin conditions.

Even more sadly, whereas child cancer was almost unheard of just a few decades ago, many hospitals now have entire wards dedicated to child cancer patients, affecting many parts of the body, and many terminal - most suffering at the hand of archaic medical practices which do nothing to address the underlying causes of the cancer such as highly toxic chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

This massive upsurge in diseases in children with the associated misery and suffering involved is NO coincidence. Children have not, the space of a few decades, suddenly become victim of a whole variety of diseases that were previously unheard of, or very rare in children - something therefore must have changed during this time scale to cause this massive and most tragic deterioration in child health - and it most certainly has.

Children-Fast-FoodUntil a few decades ago children were raised, both at home by parents and at school under the care of teachers, on a healthy, balanced diet of fresh prepared foods, which largely provided children with a balanced diet of most nutrients required by children for optimum health. Decades ago children also pursued a much more healthy lifestyle, spending much more time playing outside in the fresh air, with much more emphasis on physical fitness at schools, as opposed to the children of today who are much more likely to stay in the house watching TV, playing video games or on the Internet.

Today children are given, and choose foods only for taste and enjoyment - foods that they will eat due to the taste, but are not only highly nutritionally deficient, are also loaded with chemicals for taste enhancement, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring, and also loaded with harmful fats, salt and sugars.

Children's favourite fast foods  - burgers, fries, nuggets which children are given at home, schools and while out  - are particularly loaded with saturated fats, salt, preservatives, taste enhancing chemicals and much more, all of which are harmful in excess, and in many cases toxic to the body, but which may not be immediately obvious, many such toxins being cumulative - building up in the body of the child over months and years. 

Pre-packaged convenience foods purchased from supermarkets - whether in packets or tins are little better than fast food- often much worse - with manufacturers completely ignoring nutrition in favour of taste, shelf-life and attractive packaging designed only to generate profits, never in the interests of health and nutrition for children or adults.

Further issues arise due to the habit of cooking foods which can, and often does degrade or destroy completely whatever nutrition maybe be present, leaving behind what amounts to a cocktail of chemicals, fats and salts and little else that children are consuming.

school-lunchWhen children are not at home they will most likely be at school where they will be served a school lunch. School lunches have deteriorated very dramatically, almost  catastrophically over the decades, from what was a balanced meal containing all or most nutritional requirements for children, to more of the same fast food type offerings of fries, burgers, nuggets and so on, often of extremely poor quality due to school budgets forcing the purchase of bulk, low quality, foods that would not be offered in a supermarket, or even to animals, and again laden with taste enhancers, preservatives and other chemicals, which may be toxic and harmful over the months years, inevitably manifesting sooner or later as health issues, perhaps debilitating, chronic or even terminal.

Notwithstanding the extremely poor quality and often toxic nature children are consuming day in and day out, these meals are also totally unbalanced with regards to nutrition, being frequently loaded with salts, fats and chemicals, and extremely low or often devoid of most of the nutrients a child needs for perfect ongoing health and health later in life when many nutrition related disorders will surface, when it is often too late to reverse or cure them.

An additional extremely serious issue with both the health of both children and adults is the acidity of the body, again due entirely to poor or unbalanced nutrition. The pH of the Human Body - a measure of acidity/alkalinity is supposed to be pH 7.25  to 7.5 for perfect health - slightly alkaline. At this pH most common and serious diseases including cancer simply cannot take hold or grow. Ensuring that the body is maintained at pH 7.25 to 7.5 is massively beneficial for health, vitality and longevity, yet the pH of the body of the vast majority of people - including children - is actually very acid - pH 5 or worse which is highly acidic and a major contributor to cancer and many other serious, debilitating and terminal diseases. There is no question that a large number of child diseases, both serious and ongoing such as colds and 'flu can be prevented by ensuring the pH of the body of the child is between pH 7.25 and pH 7.5.

Unfortunately the vast majority of foods consumed by both children and adults are acidic or highly acidic, including, but not limited to refined cane sugar and all products made from sugar including sweets, candy, meats, dairy products, processed foods of all types and in particular soda drinks which are a major health hazard on multiple levels, especially "diet drinks" containing the highly toxic "Aspartame". Cola drinks are pH 2.5 which is extremely acidic - more acidic than many acids in fact. 

So what then may be done to reverse or at least mitigate this very sad state of affairs that loving, well-meaning parents may help to ensure perfect, vibrant, consistent health of children, both for now and later in life? 

Well of course there should be a return to a freshly properly balanced diet, of fresh, comprising organic whole foods, raw fruit and vegetables being by far the best, but in any case containing all nutrients a child needs for optimum ongoing and future health.

The reality is that few parents and no schools would actually do this, being much more convenient to serve fast type foods that the child will eat. Happily the trend towards vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets is accelerating exponentially for both adults and healthy children.

So what then is the solution to reverse these damaging trends in deteriorating child health, and ensure that children are Healthy, Vibrant and therefore Happy? The solution is, without question, Spirulina.


Giving children effective amounts of Spirulina every day can help dramatically protect and improve the health of children, very simply and inexpensively.

Spirulina is a Whole Food containing in abundance all nutrients a child - or adult - requires for perfect health, as well as a multitude of other constituents that are extremely valuable for ongoing health and healing in a multitude of ways that are discussed in depth elsewhere on this site.

The It Is However Crucial To Choose Only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina For Children With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

While Spirulina will not completely neutralise the toxins being consumed by the child's from other sources such as fast food, processed and pre-packaged foods, school lunches etc, Spirulina will in many cases act in detoxifying the body of the child from many accumulated toxins, and offering ongoing protection - again - discussed in depth elsewhere on this site.

Another major benefit of Spirulina is that it has an alkalising effect in the body - that is to say makes the body more alkaline - which is extremely valuable for helping to neutralise the harmful acid environment of the body of the child, helping to protect the child from a whole range of diseases including serious ones such as cancer.  

The question arises - will my child eat Spirulina? This generally always arises from adults who have never consumed Spirulina before, and automatically assume that it does not taste nice and children will therefore not eat it. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. Spirulina has quite a neutral taste that children do not object to, but in any case, Spirulina powder can be added to a wide variety of foods and drinks such as fruit juices - Apple juice is excellent - green smoothies, deserts, salads and a host of other regular foods, without significantly altering the taste.

Spirulina powder can also be added to an infinite number of foods as an ingredient, or even made in to cakes etc - the possibilities are endless and the child will enjoy them all. 

For The Best Results And Maximum Appeal To Children This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Is Ideal, With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

It is of course necessary to feed tour child - and yourself - adequate amounts of Spirulina for maximum benefit. This will be discussed elsewhere on this site, but broadly speaking one to three tablespoons per day will be of immense benefit to the health of your child as well as parents.  


Plain and simple - all parents that care about the perfect ongoing health and happiness of their children, can rely on Spirulina, in adequate amounts each day, as a single solution safeguarding the health of children, while providing the child with a wide array of health benefits, many of which are not available in any other foods.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

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