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Spirulina Is The Perfect Whole Food Or Supplement For Health Of The Family

During the last few decades in part, quality of nutrition, food and meal choices and food itself has been plummeting, particularly with the rise of fast foods, convenience foods and processed foods, which are designed only to make profits fir the makers of these products who therefore focus exclusively on taste, packaging and marketing, with no regard for health. It is not surprising then that the health of families and the population generally has been suffering drastically, with a massive up-rise in numerous food deficiency related diseases such as Obesity - a massive problem and getting worse - even among children - diabetes - again, increasingly affecting children - bowel and digestive disease, immune disease - leaving families open to a wide range of bacterial and viral diseases - and of course cancers - particularly of the bowel, but most other body areas as well.

Processed-FoodsProcessed, Fast And Convenience Foods not only very seriously and dangerously lack crucial nutrients the body needs, but also includes a potentially lethal chemical cocktail for disease, fatigue and premature ageing.

Unfortunately, the trend concurrent with these toxic, empty, nutrition-less foods is increasing visits to the doctor, for increasing prescriptions for even more chemicals in the form of "medicines" which "cure" nothing whatsoever - no synthetic drug chemical medicine ever did - but merely masks the symptoms of the damage inflicted to the body due to poor eating habits and food. Along with increased consumption of chemical drugs is the necessity for more invasive processes including surgery, to physically cut away the damage being inflicted by a poor diet and lifestyle.

The prevailing trend for both adults and children - who are led by adults - in this "modern society" is to totally abuse the body with low quality, toxic foods that are incompatible and dangerous to the human body, sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise or fresh air, mental stress and failure to reconnect with our Inner and Higher Being, by, for example, walking in a natural environment, instead to pay frequent visits to the doctors to pop chemical pills or handfuls of synthetic vitamins and other such products, in the belief that this will in some way compensate for the damage being done to the body and all of the associated issues with diseases, fatigue and premature ageing. The fact is - it will not.

Doctors-Waiting-RoomWaiting lists at doctors, clinics and hospitals are increasingly longer as people turn to the health system to compensate for poor quality diet and lifestyle. More and longer visits to the doctors and hospitals are no substitute for nutritional, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Of course the consumer is not entirely to blame. Food, medicine and health-care is a Trillion Dollar industry that spends billions on misleading marketing, fancy packaging designed to lure the consumer, misleading advertising, but above all "lobbying" government lawmakers to legalise and approve toxic food and drink additives that should never be legalised and might be more appropriately classified as poisons - like the "diet drink" sweetener "Aspartame" and Fluoridated Water supplies - both seriously adverse to health.

Another extremely misleading trend is misinformation about food requirements and quality. While health recommendations are to consume your "5 a day" portions of fruit and vegetables, what the government and health authorities don't tells us is that Fruit and Vegetables purchases in supermarkets are not only extremely nutritional depleted, but also coated in poisons and toxins to make them grow bigger and factor, protections against insects, and to preserve them longer. 

Depleted-FarmlandCenturies of the same farmland being used for food crops has left soil, and therefore nutritionally depleted for growing food crops, replaced instead by chemical fertilizers which end up in the body of those eating such foods with little healthy nutritional benefit.

In addition, foods are grown exclusively for profit in an increasingly competitive environment, where corporate profits, never health and nutrition are the only objectives. This puts pressure on farmers to grow bigger food crops with higher yields for supermarket shelves, yet food grown in this way, although it might look healthy, can be lacking in taste, highly lacking in nutritional benefits and high in potentially toxic chemical content which can accumulate in the body over years.

Even more insidiously is the rise of "GMO - Genetically Modified Organism" crops, created in a laboratory with one objective - corporate profit - with totally unknown consequences for those consuming such unnatural products. The creators of these monstrosities pay off government farming and health authorities to allow them to be sold without any long term testing, effectively creating a generation of human Guinea Pigs. The consequences of consuming such GMO products may not be known for decades when it will be too late. 

The same situation described above also applies to animal foods  - meats, fish, poultry and dairy products, for much the same reasons, notwithstanding the fact that they are incompatible with human health, and therefore give rise to health issues in their own right.

SupplementsPeople becoming aware of nutritional deficiencies in foods are are consuming more supplements, mostly synthetically created in laboratories, not of natural origin, attempting to offset the effects of chemical crops with even more synthetic chemicals.

The main problem however is that the supplement market has created a culture that believes that it is fine to abuse the body with toxic foods that lack nutrition providing a few pills are popped each day in order to offset the poor diet and lifestyle and everything will  be fine - it will not be.

While "vitamin pills" and other supplements may go some way towards offsetting deficiencies in some vitamins, these vitamins, being synthetically created from chemical processes, cannot possibly even begin to compensate for vitamin deficiencies arising as a result of a poor, unbalanced, nutrient and vitamin lacking diet, or neutralise the effects of chemicals and toxins in foods, or fats and salts, or the adverse effects arising from eating foods that are proven to incompatible with the human system including meat and dairy products.

While it may be possible to substantially compensate for dietary deficiencies with supplements, again, a vast array of supplements would be required in a large enough amount to compensate for the dietary needs of the body, requiring perhaps dozens of pills to be swallowed each day, while, again, not addressing any of the chemicals and toxins that have entered the body through modern food choices. 

So what then is the answer to these crucial issues of meeting all dietary and nutritional requirements that are not currently being met? Well of course ultimately there is no substitute for educating people about diet and nutritional needs for self and children, and heavily regulating the "food industries" to ensure that all food offered for sale is organic, of high quality, and totally free of all chemicals, toxins and additives for any reason - everyone has a fundamental right to pure, fresh, uncontaminated food. The Solution Is Spirulina.

Not all Spirulina is equal however. As Spirulina has become increasingly popular more and more is being mass produced in the Far East with the emphasis on price. The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica produced To The Highest Possible Standards Of Nutritional Value And Safety.

DetoxificationSpirulina, in addition to being a Whole, Super Food including every nutritional requirement for the Human Body, as well as a wide array of additional constituents for Healing and Health, is also extremely powerful for Detoxification of the body from previous food related toxins and chemicals, including metals. Taking adequate, sufficient  amounts of Spirulina each day, for the whole family, will not only provide the body will all of the nutrients it requires for Health, Vitality and Anti-Ageing, but will also helps to flush from the body a lifetime of accumulated harmful chemicals and toxins.

As a Whole Food and Super Food, the immense benefits of Spirulina are discussed elsewhere on this website in detail, and speak abundantly to the immensely valuable benefits of Spirulina for people of any age - starting the younger the better - but suffice it to say that Spirulina Can Be Your First and Only Choice To Protect The Health, Energy and Well-being of The Whole Family - including even family pets such as Cats and Dogs which will also benefit from consuming adequate Spirulina each day along with the Whole Family.

Although Spiriulina is a Whole Food and Super-food - meaning it is possible to live in Perfect Health, Vitality and Longevity consuming Spirulina Alone, it is of course desirable to adopt a varied, healthy, organic diet of the appropriate fresh foods, certified free of toxins, chemicals, drugs and other contaminants, knowing that Spirulina taken in appropriate amounts each day will provide the Whole Family with all nutrients required for Perfect Health, while also acting to any remove toxic, harmful substances that do happen to find their way in to the body.  


In today's society of fast foods, convenience foods, processed foods and other food choices that can be and often are extremely damaging to people of all ages, resulting in exponentially multiplying health problems, often debilitating or life-threatening, as well as greatly reducing quality of life due to ongoing illness, fatigue, low energy and so on, coupled with much more sedentary lifestyle that often precludes exercise, fresh air, and quality time in the natural world, it makes total sense to Protect The Whole Familty, so that the Whole Family can enjoy a Long, Happy, Healthy Life Together, without ever having to rely on doctors, hospitals, clinics, medicines and artificial, synthetic dietary supplements.

Remember though to only purchase This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex Produced To The Highest Possible Standards Of Nutritional Value And Safety.

Spirulina is Both A Whole Food And A Super Food Containing EVERY Nutrient People Of All Ages Need In Order To Enjoy A Long, Healthy, Happy Life.  In Addition, Spirulina Contains A Wide Array Of Constituents That Can Help Enhance Health and Quality Of Life In Numerous Other Ways, As Well As Help To Remove Existing Accumulated Harmful Substances From The Body.

Spirulina Is The PERFECT Choice For The Ongoing Health, Happiness and Well-being Of The Whole Family.

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