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Spirulina Is Recognised As The Best Source of Protein With Sustained Body Energy 

The value, availability and importance of Spirulina Protein is becoming very widely recognised by nutritionists and scientists around the World, to such an extent that Spirulina Protein is now recognised as being well ahead of more traditional and less compatible sources as well as possibly harmful form of protein such protein from meats, eggs, fish, poultry and dairy products.

Spirulina is being increasingly used as the Protein Source of Choice By Olympic Athletes, Coaches, Body Builders and Fitness and Health Enthusiasts, who also Greatly Value and Benefit from the Sustained Energy Available From Spirulina As Well As Numerous Additional Health And Sporting Performance Benefits.

As a Vegan, I am frequently confronted by that tired and age old question, "where do you get your protein?"  This question is fundamentally flawed from the outset considering that the largest, strongest and most powerful animals that live today and have ever lived, including dinosaurs standing 50 feet high and weighing 50 tons, exclusively eat Vegetation, Fruits, Berries, Nuts, Plankton and Algae, as opposed to the puny, weak carnivores eating meat. 

spirulina-protein-2Furthermore, the Human Body is not "designed" to process milk or dairy products at all, rather being designed to process pure, natural whole foods such as raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and other natural green foods, Plankton's and Algae's.

Protein from animal sources including meat, fish,egg, poultry and dairy products are not generally compatible with the Human body, containing for example large amounts of uric acid, which can give rise to osteoporosis, gout, arthritis, lack of energy, fatigue, acid body, and premature ageing. Protein from these sources are also much more difficult to digest than plant proteins, especially Spirulina protein, which is extremely easily digested with minimal Energy utilisation, and is in a pure bio-available form that the body can efficiently and effectively utilise for all functions that rely on Protein for health - especially the brain. 

When the Human Body tries to digest incompatible and alien foods such as meat, cows milk and other dairy products, because the human digestive system is not designed process these products for use within the body as energy and nutrition, the body needs to utilise considerable additional Energy reserves for the digestion process, so not only is meat for example an imperfect and incompatible food source and source of protein for the Human Body, rather than boosting Energy as would be the case consuming Pure Natural, Raw Whole Foods, and Spirulina in particular, whatever Energy is derived from meat is further depleted during the protracted digestive process the body has to undergo to digest the meat fibres, thereby further diminishing any nutritional, energy and protein benefits. 

Plant based proteins on the other hand are not only much more compatible and readily assimilated by the human body, the human digestive system can process the plant based food source much more easily and efficiently, utilising only a fraction of the body energy required for meat, dairy,fish, poultry, eggs etc, resulting in a much higher net gain in Energy that can be utilised immediately by the body.

Spirulina Is The Ultimate Protein Source With High, Sustained Usable Energy. 

Olympic-RunnersSpirulina contains 60% Pure, Bio-Available Protein - more than any other known food source on Earth - Much Higher than meat, egg or dairy based sources and much higher than any other known plant based sources. Only species of Algae - such as Chlorella and Aphanizomenon Flos-quae, as well as Marine Phytoplanktons coming close. Many of largest fish and mammals on the planet reach their massive size eating Marine Phytoplankton alone.

Of All Spirulina Brands And Types Available, This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Is The Highest In Nutritional Quality And Produced To The Highest Standards Of Safety.

Because Spirulina is an extremely small. easily digestible particle size, being consumed in powder, tablet or granule form, it is easily, extremely efficiently and completely digested by the human body with almost no additional body energy required for the digestive process, so that all energy from Spirulina is available to the body by athletes and anyone who consumes it. Spirulina is an exceptional food source of energy, available to the body in a perfect and sustained form, making Spirulina an excellent energy as well as protein source.

These extremely valuable nutritional benefits are well known to athletes and health enthusiasts, including Olympic Athletes, Body Builders, Weight Lifters and numerous others who consume Spirulina regularly for both Protein for building muscles, strength, stamina and endurance and as a perfect source of energy for maximum performance and endurance.


Literally hundreds - and increasing - Olympic and World Champion Athletes consume Spirulina regularly for both training and competition.
Olympic Champion Lee Evans, a holder of two gold medals four world records in track and field events is quoted as stating:  
"Spirulina improved my training, resulting in faster times... 
it increased my stamina & endurance."
Now an  athletic coach, Lee insists all his athletes consume Spirulina regularly.
The American Food and Drug Administration - FDA - Approve Spirulina as one of the best Sources of Protein.
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