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Spirulina Is Ideal For Quickly And Safely Attaining A Healthy Body Weight

Another extremely pervasive trend, certainly in The USA and Europe and increasingly around the world is body weight that is far above normal healthy levels and often medically classified as obese, chronically obese or evenly morbidly obese. Very disturbingly, this is a trend that is also extending to children at an increasingly young age, even to pre-school infants. Once a child becomes overweight or obese, having created the fat cells and fat deposit potential in the body, the child will be struggling against obesity for all of his or her life, often accompanied by an ongoing battle against obesity and nutrition related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Allowing a child to become obese - and it is entirely the responsibility of parents - is to set the child up for lifelong obesity and serious, debilitating diseases associated with obesity and the nutritional deficiencies that gave rise to the obesity.

weight-height-chartLike many chronic and debilitating diseases today, obesity is not an accident of birth due to "bad genes", or a condition that can simply be randomly acquired, obesity is due only to a poor diet - eating too much of the wrong, fatty foods, particularly saturated fats, with an associated excessive calorie intake relative to the amount of calories being expended. This is particularly accentuated by the fact that both adults and children are much less mobile these days, taking far less exercise, often preferring instead to remain sedentary watching TV, socialising on the Internet, playing video games and so on. Notwithstanding food choices, if the amount of calories consumed excess the amount of calories expended through physical activity, the body will convert the excess in to fat which will be stored in the body as progressive weight gain leading to obesity and disease.

Unfortunately when people realise that they are overweight, they tend to succumb to and engage in various "lose weight fast" schemes, often including the latest fad diet or "weight loss pills" in an effort to shed weight quickly. In reality none of these diets really works, especially in the long-term, because they are simply not sustainable or offer complete body nutrition.

While these diets may initially help to lose weight, they are frequently deficient in a wide range of nutrients the body requires for health and energy, often being compensated for by consuming "low calorie" foods that may contain toxic and other substances that may be harmful to health.

These diets rarely last long anyway due to hunger, eating habits, craving for favourite foods or illness setting in, the person typically proceeding to eat even more than before the diet, thus putting on even more weight and becoming more obese and unhealthy than before.

So what then is the solution to this apparent paradox?

Well clearly there are three primary objectives:

1. To reduce calorie intake to a level conducive to weight loss, i.e. to consume less calories than are expended by the body and through necessary physical activity.

2. To ensure that the body has sufficient protein and and all other crucial nutrients in order to remain healthy, maintain metabolic function at an optimum level, and to provide plenty of energy for all healthy body functions including digestive system.

3. To suppress hunger and therefore cravings for unhealthy, fat depositing foods.



Spirulina Is The Ideal Weight Loss Food, Easily Meeting The Above Weight Loss Requirements While providing The Body With a Wide Range Of Additional Health Benefits, For Ongoing, Healthy, Sustainable, Real Body Weight.


Protein is also a crucial element of losing weight, because protein exerts a considerable influence over the metabolic processes and rate of the digestive system and body, as well as being crucial for regulating weight related factors such as Insulin - for metabolising sugars to substances that will not cause weight gain and and also Cholesterol which would otherwise deposit fats in the body.

Protein is therefore a crucial element of both weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. The protein in Spirulina is pure, bio-available protein which can be processed by the body with a minimal energy overhead, unlike proteins contained in meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products.

Spirulina Protein includes many different Amino Acids, notably Leucine, which can boost the metabolism of the body, burning more components that would otherwise give rise to weight gain. Spirulina also contains sugars known as "polysacharides" which provides the body with energy, including for the digestive process, boosting metabolism and enhancing the action of insulin, all of which are of great benefit for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina, Notably This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Can Be Relied Upon To Contain The Maximum Possible Nutrient Content.

 Not only is Spirulina the Ultimate Whole-Food - and recognised as such by official World Organisations, it is also perfect or weight loss. Because Spirulina is the Greatest Source of Usable Protein found anywhere on the planet, no other food has more, Spirulina will also suppress the appetite and craving for foods generally, due to the very high quality protein being consumed,  making Spirulina the Ideal if not Perfect Food For Sustainable Weight Loss and Maintaining a Healthy Ongoing Body Weight.

Of course an adequate amount of Spirulina must be consumed on a daily basis if it is to be used as the primary food during dieting, with around 100 Grams or 4 Ounces per day being sufficient for most people. although double that amount would still be highly effective for weight loss and for health. It Is Crucial To Consume Only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina, Notably This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards Of Safety

The best way of consuming Spirulia for weight loss and dieting purposes is to divide the daily amount in to four or five portions of Spirulina Powder, mixed with a Green Smoothie or Organic Apple Juice.

The weight loss benefits if this is adhered to will soon be apparent, and after a few weeks not only will considerable excess weight have been shed, considerable other health benefits will be enjoyed as well, to the extent that Spirulina will become a daily feature for a Healthy, nutrient rich  diet to maintain and ideal ongoing weight.


Spirulina Is The Perfect Food for Quickly, Sustainably and Safely Attaining And Maintaining An Ideal Healthy Body Weight, With Numerous Additional Benefits For Healing, Health, Energy And Longevity. Consuming An Adequate Amount Of Spirulina Several Times Per day Can Be The Primary Factor For Perfect Body Weight, Function And Energy, Especially With Today's Poor Quality And Unhealthy, Fattening Foods.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Saefety

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