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Spirulina Is A Nutritionally Complete Whole Super Healing And Health Food

Spirulina is much more than a nutritional supplement, it is a Nutritionally Complete, Whole Super Health Food including all Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals needed for Perfect Health, Vitality and Energy.

A Human Being can live Exclusively on Spirulina Indefinitely, in Perfect Health, Enjoying a Wide Array of Additional Health Benefits for Preventing, Healing or Greatly Reducing a wide array of ailments, including, but not limited to age related and other diseases usually believed to be "incurable". These and other Valuable Attributes also make Spiriulina The Perfect "Survival" or "Emergency" Food, with the ability to Survive Indefinitely On Spirulina and Water alone. 

AztecsThe Ancient Maya, Aztec and other races of Central America lived for hundreds if not thousands of years, supporting populations of millions, almost exclusively on Spirulina which they cultivated either in natural lakes, or often in large man made lakes constructed exclusively for cultivating Spirulina and also as a water supply. Spirulina is also farmed and consumed as a primary food source in parts of the World, e.g. in Chad.

Spirulina is the perfect solution to world food shortages and food starvation related conditions such as malnutrition, particularly as Spirulina can be cultivated almost anywhere with a suitable water supply and Sunlight utilising land that would be otherwise unsuitable for any other crops, for example desert, requiring only fresh water, suitable temperature and Sunlight, to feed large numbers of people indefinitely in perfect health. Spirulina has the potential in fact to completely eliminate starvation and nutrition related diseases throughout the world.

These are just a few reasons why NASA and International Space Station chose Spirulina as an ideal food for farming and consuming on prolonged Space Missions.

The question may arise, "why eat Spirulina when Complete Nutrition may be obtained by eating the appropriate plant foods individually?" Which of course is a perfectly valid question. 

Spirulina-NutrientsAlthough possible in theory, to consume a balanced plant diet with optimum nutrition in today's world is extremely difficult if not impossible.

A balanced, healthy, sustainable diet consists largely of raw whole foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. For a fully balanced diet considerable attention is required in balancing the diversity and quantities of each food group for optimum daily nutrition.

Even if were possible,  there are many issues greatly reducing the benefits, including, but not limited to nutrient depletion of agricultural land due to over-farming, use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxins, potentially very damaging to human health.

Consuming Spirulina either exclusively as a Nutritionally Complete Whole Superfood, or including significant amounts of Spirulina on a daily basis in addition to other healthy foods would be of considerable benefit for Optimum Health, Vitality, Energy and Longevity.

Many major food, health and other organisations have officially recognised Spirulina as the Ultimate Complete Whole Super-food, for the ever expanding Global Population - the greatest possible endorsement for Spirulina as the Healthy, Perfect Food of Choice.


The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety



who  W.H.O.:  Best Health Food For Human Beings in the 21st Century

FAO      UN Food and Agriculural Organization: Best Food of the 21st Century

unesco UNESCO: The Most Complete and Ideal Food for tomorrow

fda     America Food And Drug Adminisitration: One of best Protein Sources

NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions 

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

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