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Spirulina Protects Children From Today's Poor Quality Foods For Maximum Health 

Spirulina The Perfect Solution For Every Parent Wishing To Protect The Health, Happiness And Well-Being Of Children, For Maximum Vitality, Development And Success At Home, School And Life For The Years Ahead.

Children-Fast-Food-SmallThe health of children generally is deteriorating at an alarming rate, with children of an ever younger age contracting debilitating diseases such as obesity, diabetes and immune system disorders, as well as much more serious and even terminal diseases such as cancer. Cancer was almost unheard of in children just a few decades ago, now hospitals have entire wards exclusively to care for child cancer patients. The ONLY Factor that has substantially changed is the foods that Children are now eating.


Spirulina Is A Complete, Whole, Super-food Which, Given To Children Daily, Can Restore Balance of Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals A Healthy Child Needs With Numerous Additional Benefits For Health and Vitality.

Raw-Vegan-FamilyThe Natural Diet for a Human Being is  Raw Vegan Diet of Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses and Various types of Algae. People consuming such a diet are always extremely healthy, full of energy, looking and feeling decades younger. Foods that children eat today, particularly Fast Foods, Processed and Convenience Foods, Candy and Sodas are not only seriously lacking in many nutrients a healthy child needs, but also highly acidic - the origin of most disease including cancer, and laced with harmful chemicals

The Very Best Spirulina For Children Is Without Doubt Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex Which Is Full Of All The Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals Children Need. And Great Value As Well.

Spirulina Is Natures Ultimate Gift To Children And Humanity, Which, When Consumed Daily, Can Restore The Balance of Nutrition, Alkalinity and The Precious Happiness, Vitality And The Well-Being And Health Of Children.

Healthy-ChildWhile there can never be any substitute for parents and schools to provide growing Children, as well as the Whole Family with a Balanced, Healthy, Nutritious, Alkalising Diet of Raw, Natural, Fresh, Organic Whole Foods For Maximum Health, Energy and Longevity. The way that society and food and medical industries are currently structured, this will not happen overnight. Spirulina Is The Perfect Addition To Your Children's Daily Diet For Health, Vitality and Well-Being.


Giving Your Child Adequate Spirulina Each Day Is A Perfect Way Of Ensuring That He Or She Receives The Balance of Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals Required, Together With Helping To Restore The CRUCIAL Alkaline pH, While Also Helping To Protect Against The Accumulation Of Harmful Chemicals In Modern Foods. 




 who  W.H.O.:  Best Health Food For Human Beings in the 21st Century

FAO      UN Food and Agricultural Organization: Best Food of 21st Century

unesco UNESCO: The Most Complete and Ideal Food for tomorrow

fda     America Food And Drug Administration: One of best Protein Sources

NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions

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