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Spirulina Is A Perfect Way To Safeguard The Health And Well-Being Of Your Family 

Spirulina Is The Perfect Way To Protect Your Family From the Adverse Consequences of Today's Low Quality, Acidic, Often Harmful Products, Including  Fast Foods, Processed Foods and Convenience Foods.

Natures-MultivitaminOver the decades, quality of foods has declined dramatically as food manufactures keep costs down and profits up, with no regard for Health. Foods today are nutritionally lacking, laden with a wide range of chemicals as preservatives to enhance taste, texture, appearance, and to make them more appealing to the consumer. Chronic, debilitating, often terminal diseases are increasing in children and adults, including obesity, diabetes, immune disorders, coronary disease and cancers.


Spirulina Is The Perfect Way To Ensure That Your Family Receives All The Health Benefits Of A Fully Balanced Diet With ALL Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals For Perfect Health, Plus Numerous Additional Health Benefits.

Healthy-FoodOver decades and even centuries, farmland used for growing food has become depleted of natural, organic nutrients, reflected in the poor quality nutritional content of fruits and in particular vegetable crops. Farmers rely on non-organic chemical fertilisers designed to grow high densities of high yielding crops, which are not only nutritionally lacking, are also contaminated with a range of chemicals, including pesticides which accumulate, with adverse affects on Health.


Spirulina Helps To Maintain The Body At An Alkaline pH For Optimum Health. The Alkalising Benefit Of Spirulina Helps To Offset Serious Health Consequences Of Acid Foods, Such As Milk, Dairy And Sugar Products.

Alkaline-Body-BalanceAside from the ongoing issues of incomplete, unbalanced nutrition, a further extremely serious and highly damaging aspect of the modern diet is consuming foods that are acidic, including Fast Foods, Processed Foods, Meat, Dairy, Fish, Poultry, Sugar, Soda Drinks and so on. In fact the foods that most people eat today are acidic. The body is designed to be at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.25 -7.5 or so. Once the body becomes acid, there are countless diseases that can take hold, many serious or terminal including cancer which  cannot take hold and grow at an alkaline pH of 7.25 to 7.5.

  Note: Not all Spirulina Is Made Equal. The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. No Other Spirulina Compares For Quality, Nutrient Content And Safety.

Spirulina Is The PERFECT Supplement, Whole Food And Powerful Health Defense For The Ongoing Health, Happiness and Well-being Of The Whole Family, And An Ideal Safeguard Against The Poor Quality Foods Of Today.





who  W.H.O.:  Best Health Food For Human Beings in the 21st Century

FAO      UN Food and Agricultural Organization: Best Food of 21st Century

unesco UNESCO: The Most Complete and Ideal Food for tomorrow

fda     America Food And Drug Administration: One of best Protein Sources

NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions

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