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Spirulina Is A Complete Life And Body Sustaining, Full Nutrition, Whole Super Food

Spirulina Is Much More Than Just A Nutritional Supplement, Although Is Does Serve That Purpose Wonderfully Well, It Is A Complete Whole Food That Can, Consumed Alone, Sustain The Body In Perfect Health Indefinitely

Whole-Food-VitaminsSpirulina is a Whole Super-Food which means that a Human Being life Indefinitely on Spirulina alone in Perfect Health, With Every Nutrient, Vitamin and Mineral that a person needs to survive in perfect health. Spirulina also includes numerous additional components with remarkable healing, medicinal and body boosting qualities, some of which are unique. Many Global Food and Health Organisations recognise Spirulina as the Perfect Nutrition and Health Food For This and Future Generations.

One of the reasons that Spirulina is such a Perfect, Whole Food is due to the timescale over which it has been here on Earth and Continuously Evolved. Spirulina has been present on Earth continuously for 3.5 Billion Years, during which it has played a massive, if not pivotal role in the Evolution of Life on Earth due to consuming vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide and Producing Vast Amounts of Oxygen, without which Life as we know it, and therefore Humans, would not exist. Over the course of 3.5 Billion Years, Spirulina has Evolved to Become Nutritionally Perfect For All Life and Capable of Sustaining All Life - Most Animals, Even Cats and Dogs can live exclusively on Spirulina. Since the beginning of Life on Earth Spirulina has no doubt sustained countless lifeforms,allowing Nature to Evolve the diversity we see today.


Spirulina Has Almost Exclusively Supported Communities And Even Entire Civilisations Of Millions Of People For Thousands Of Years, Even When No Other Food Source Was Available Or Could Be Sufficiently Cultivated. 

Aztecs-Spirulina-SmallSpirulina has also been Crucial and still is Crucial in supporting large populations of people in Perfect Health who would otherwise be able to survive at all. The Ancient Aztec Capital was Tenochtitlan, a huge city millions of Aztecs which was built on an island in Lake Texcoco in Mexico. Lake Texcoco had then, as it does now, a thriving Spirulina population which the Aztecs harvested as a food supply, to sustain, in perfect health, its millions of inhabitants. The Aztec Emperor Montezuma was very partial to fresh fish, but the sea ports were hundreds of miles away. Montezuma sent runners to the sea ports to bring back fresh fish, giving the runners Spirulina to eat, which provided them with the immense energy they required to run the hundreds of miles to the sea and return with fish still fresh, even in the Mexican heat.


Spirulina Is Crucial To The Survival, Health and Well-Being Of Many Communities Today Who Farm And Sustain Themselves On Spirulina. Spirulina Is The Way To Feed The Global Population In Perfect Health.

Spirulina-Ladies-ChadIn Chad there are many communities thriving in Perfect Health around an ancient Lake from which vast amounts of Spirulina is harvested by ladies, processed in to Spirulina Cakes known as "Dihé" and sold in the local market. Not only are these communities in Chad living in in Perfect Health, they do so as all of the neighbouring countries and regions exist in a state of starvation and malnutrition, Again Proving Over The Course Thousands Of Years Of Continuous Human Consumption, Sustaining Millions Of People, That Spirulina is The Perfect Whole Food For Life And Health.

It Is Crucial To Only Consume The Very Highest Quality Spirulina From Known, Reputable  Producers, In Particular This Very High Quality Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica.


Spirulina Is Much More Than Just A Wonderful, Balanced Supplement, It Is Also a Nutritionally Complete Whole, Super Food, With Man Health And Healing Properties, That Can Sustain The Body in Perfect Health, Vitality And Well-Being.


For Perfect Nutrition, This Very High Quality Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Is Absolutely The Best There Is, With The Very Highest Nutritional Content Produced Under Ideal Conditions For Nutritional Content And Safety.





 who  W.H.O.:  Best Health Food For Human Beings in the 21st Century

FAO      UN Food and Agricultural Organization: Best Food of 21st Century

unesco UNESCO: The Most Complete and Ideal Food for tomorrow

fda     America Food And Drug Administration: One of best Protein Sources

NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions

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