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Spirulina Is The Perfect Source Of Amino Acids, The Building Blocks Of Protein

Spirulina Is Widely Recognised As The Very Best And Highest Origin Of Natural Protein Available Anywhere From Any Source. In Addition, Unlike Meat and Dairy Proteins, Spirulina Protein Is Fully Usable By The Body. 

Spirulina-Protein-SmallProtein is crucial constituent of the Human Body, without which life would not be possible. There are many misconceptions about protein sources, the biggest being that meat and dairy products should be consumed as the best and most ideal source of protein. Not only this totally untrue, but it is also dangerously misleading, because not only are meat and dairy products NOT the best source of protein, the protein derived from these products is of an inferior quality and much less compatible with the Human Body. Spirulina Amino Acid derived Protein on the other hand is widely recognised as being ideal for the needs of the Human Body, which are then efficiently converted in to proteins through RNA and DNA.


Spirulina Is A Perfect And Totally Safe Source Of Protein Amino Acids Unlike Proteins Ingested From Meat And Dairy Products, Which Are Not Only Highly Unsafe As Food, But A Very Poor Quality Protein That The Human Body Is Not Designed To Process.

Olympic-Runners-SmallOne of the biggest myths is that we have to "eat protein" in order to provide the body with a supply of protein. In fact the human body - just like the body of an animal - makes its OWN Protein directly from Amino Acids found in plant foods including Spirulina - the most complete source of Protein Making Amino Acids known. When a person eats meat, the body not only needs to expend considerable energy breaking down the meat tissues, it also has to use even more energy breaking down meat proteins in to Amino Acids, which are ideal for the animal, but not for Human Beings which have a totally different body chemistry - the same applies to milk from cows which is designed for baby cattle. In addition, the action of cooking meat actually destroys and breaks down these Amino Acids. The secret to providing the Body with the maximum amount of perfect protein as needed for example by Olympic Athletes, all sports people and of course people generally, is to consume the vegetable foods that provide all of the Amino Acids necessary as building blocks of protein through RNA and DNA. Spirulina is a perfect source of Amino Acids as the building blocks of protein specifically for the Human Body, as well as Balancing RNA and DNA for Natural Protein Production. 

The Highest Quality  Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex With The Very Highest Nutrient And Protein Content And Safety.  Spirulina is produced in the USA to the highest standards unlike other parts of the world where mass production and price are the motivating factors.


Spirulina Is The Perfect Food For All Amino Acids, RNA/DNA Synthesis As Well As All Supporting Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals For To Create Perfect Protein For Perfect Health And All Challenges And Endeavours

Olympic-Ceremony-SmallProtein is absolutely crucial, not only for building muscles, strength and human achievement based on strength and human endeavour and endurance, but also for the proper, healthy functioning of the whole body, particularly for proper brain function, skin condition, anti-ageing etc. Meat and dairy products are the very worst source of protein - or any nutrient, vitamin or mineral, because what the human body needs to consume through food sources is not protein, but rather the complete range of Amino Acids required to make protein through the actions of RNA/DNA in our bodies. As Dr. T. Colin Campbell said in his book "The China Study", "Foreign proteins from livestock nourish cancer cells more than they nourish our bodies" .

Spirulina is a complete whole, super-food, including all Amino Acids required by the body to make Perfect Healthy Protein for Maximum Health, Vitality, Energy and Performance and The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex 


Spirulina Is The Ideal Whole Food For The Whole Family With All Of The Amino Acids The Body Requires For The Perfect Protein The Body Needs, And In Sufficient Amounts, For Optimum Muscle Strength, Brain Function, Health and Vitality, Also The Ideal For Developing Children



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