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Future Of Spirulina 

 As The Global Population Increases And Diet Quality Falls, Spirulina Has A Great Future As The Whole Super Food or Supplement Of Choice 

World-Popluation-GrowthAs the population of the world surpasses 7 Billion, and additional land for farming becomes scarcer, and the division between industrialised and developing nations ever greater,  starvation and malnutrition are increasing exponentially, with many people, especially children, losing their lives every minute of every day due to lack of availability of sufficient quality food. This sad situation is exacerbated by the fact that population growth is by far the greatest in areas with the least available food and land for producing crops.

In the so called "developed" nations, especially in the "West" increasing;y more people are becoming ill and dying, not due to lack of food, but due to an over-abundance of increasingly unbalanced, nutrient deficient, chemical and toxin laden processed, fast, convenience and junk foods which prey on a craving for taste rather than nutrition. Overall, the global food situation as it relates to adequate nutrition and optimum health is dire, and become exponentially worse as the global population increases, availability of farmland declines, and quality of food plummets, especially in the West and developing countries.


Spirulina Is A Whole Food For Complete Nutrition, And Can be Produced In Virtually Infinite Quantity In Areas Otherwise Unsuitable For Farming

Hawaii-Spirulina-FarmSpirulina has Immense potential as the food of the future not only to feed the whole growing population of the world in perfect health, but also to partially or completely mitigate the disastrous and deteriorating health consequences of the modern diet. Unlike conventional farm crops, which are often nutritionally depleted after centuries or decades of farming the same land, a Spirulina Farm can be located anywhere with adequate warmth and daily Sunlight. In fact, the very countries at most risk of malnutrition and starvation, for example in Africa, are the very countries where a Spirulina Farm - either large scale or local to each village, will produce the highest yields.

The picture above is of The Cyanotech Spirulina Ponds on The Big Island of Hawaii, constructed from reclaimed Volcanic Lava fields which would otherwise be completely unsuitable for any other form of food production or industry application. Cyanotech, And home to the Very Highest Quality Spirulina Available In The World, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. 

Another considerable benefit of Spirulina as a future food source is that the harvest is perpetual unlike conventional land crops which need to be grown and tended for many months in order to yield an annual harvest, always at the mercy of weather and other conditions. Very often, adverse weather conditions could destroy the entire annual crop, giving rise to serious food shortages.

Spirulina grows in water in ponds, the conditions of which can be totally controlled on an ongoing basis, needing only adequate warmth and Sunlight for optimum yields. Spirulina is very robust, having survived in the wild for 3.5 Billion Years, so even if weather conditions are less than perfect, Spirulina will still provide worthwhile yields. Spirulina is not seasonal because it does not reproduce sexually like most other land animals and plants with a growing season. Spirulina divides ad-infinitum and therefore multiplies perpetually, therefore the harvested yield is also perpetual. Spirulina therefore not only provides an ongoing supply of Whole Super food all year round, it is also not susceptible to local and climatic conditions in the same way that land plant crops are.


Spirulina Is Not Only The Perfect Food Solution For Sustaining The Global Population On Earth, But Also As An Ideal Food To Cultivate On The International Space Station And Future Space Exploration

Outer-SpaceFor all the same reasons that Spirulina is the Perfect Whole Super Food for a growing global population and to reverse disease causing nutritional deficiencies, it has also been recognised by NASA and other Space Agencies as the idea organism to cultivate in space using Photo Bio Reactors for a perpetual, self-sustaining source of Nutritious Whole Food for long term space missions. Growing Spirulina on board Space Stations and Space Ships is the perfect solution to long-term nutritional needs in space and eventually even other planets. 

Not all Spirulina is equal however. As Spirulina has become increasingly popular more and more is being mass produced in the Far East with the emphasis on price.

The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex, Produced To The Very Highest Possible Standards To Ensure Maximum Nutritional Value And Safety.


Spirulina Has More Potential Than Any Other Known Food Sources On Earth As A Universal Perfect Food Solution To Feed The Growing Global Population In The Future, And As The Perfect Whole Super Food To Offset And Mitigate The Highly Damaging Consequences To health Of The "Modern Western Type Diet", And As a Future Food For Deep Space Exploration




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NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions

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