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Nutrition News: Benefits Of Spirulina Powder

Hawaiian-Spirulina-PowderOne of the first and most frequent questions asked by those new to Spirulina is whether to but powder or tablets.  This of course is an excellent and valid question, the answer to which depends on whether it is to be taken as a whole food, supplement or both. 

Spirulina is extremely valuable in both powder and tablet form, the initial choice being dependent on your own objectives and aspirations, so which should you choose?

If it is to be taken in supplement form, then often it is more convenient to simply take tablets. Spirulina powder however is much more flexible both as a supplement and whole food.

As a supplement Spirulina powder can be added to a wide range of drinks, such as organic fruit juices or smoothies, or simply mixed with water. 

Powder is by far the best way of giving Spirulina to children who usually do not like taking tablets whereas drinking it with a favourite juice or smoothie is fun. Mixing a teaspoon or two of Spirulina in a green smoothie, organic apple juice or shake is a particularly fun and tasty way for children to enjoy all the benefits of Spirulina and one they will always look forward to - as well as adults of course. 

Spirulina powder generally has a very neutral taste, and one that will be completely masked by a a fruit juice or smoothie, so benefiting from it daily is always a pleasure to look forward to, never a chore.

The Recipe section of this website includes many Spirulina recipie videos which are being constantly updated, so do check back often.

If Spirulina if Spirulina is to be taken as a Whole Food, then powder really is the only choice due to the the quantity required. In the case of using powder as a whole food the best option is to mix the powder with either a smoothie or organic fruit juice three times per day - morning, lunch and evening. A large amount of Spirulina powder  - typically a heaped tablespoon full will mix well with a pint of organic apple juice and taste delicious as well.

Choosing the right Spirulina powder is crucial both from the perspective of nutrient content and freedom from contaminants,  and how ell the powder will integrate and mix with smoothies and fruit juices.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

 In conclusion, Spirulina powder is much more versatile than tablets and also much more acceptable to children. Taken as a Whole Super Food, Spirulina powder is the only choice, in particular This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica


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