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Producer News: Cyanotech, Nutrex - Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Cyaonotech-Spirulina-Pacifica-Farm-HawaiiLocated in Hawaii, Cyanotech, the producer of the Nutrex brand of Spirulina Pacifica and the anti-oxidant nutrient Astaxanthin, has gained the distinction of producing the highest quality product in the world, and for good reason.

 Cyanotech is a success story in every way, creating a world class Spiriulina farm in a location that would be completely unsuitable for another form of agriculture or commerce - a volcanic lava field.

 In so doing, Cyanotech is a wonderful example of how  a barren wasteland that would otherwise be left alone can be converted in to producing Spirulina, he best source of food on the planet  - as well a the best ant-oxidant supplement - Astaxanthin - but one which also used carbon dioxide converted in to Oxygen through the intense photosynthesis of Spirulina. In fact, it is to Cyanbacteria and similar organisms that life on Earth owes its existence, without which there would be insufficient Oxygen in the atmosphere to sustain life.

This location also accounts for the extremely high quality of Spirulina Pacifica - the highest quality Spirulina in the world - due to the constant bright, warm Sunshine required for maximum growth rate of Spirulina, and the quality of water sources for the Spirulina ponds, being extracted both from the purest underground aquifers and deep down in the pristine Pacific Ocean - a rich source of minerals to which Spirulina Pacifica owes much of its quality, vitamin, mineral and nutrient content.

Here is a video about Cyanotech and Hawaiian Spirulina Production

These Features Ensure That Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Is The Highest Quality In The World, Produced To The Very Highest Standards 


Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Production Process

Just as crucial as the growing process is the production process. No matter how high the quality of Spirulina from the growing ponds, how it is subsequently handled, processed and packaged has a large influence on the quality of the finished product - just one reason why we do not recommend non-USA suppliers of Spirulina who have a primary focus on price as opposed to quality, nutrient density and above all safety.

Cyanotch have a state of the art processing facility which ensures that from the ponds to the packaging, the product remains fresh, contaminant free and above all retains all of its nutritional value. This is  brief overview of the production process:

Separation Screens: Water containing Spirulina is pumped from the growing ponds and washed through fine stainless steel screens. The surplus water is then returned to the growing ponds.

Vacuum Washing: The filtered Spirulina is  washed three times to remove residual material and to ensure a neutral, salt free taste.


Ocean Chill Drying: The drying part of a Spirulina production process is absolutely critical to the quality of the final product. If the Spirulina is heated to a too high temperature, valuable nutrients, especially anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene will be lost due to oxidation and other degradation related damage. If the Spirulina is packaged still containing moisture, then it will degrade rapidly in the moisture sealed environment. 

Ocean Chill Drying takes place in a sealed environment with less than 1% oxygen present in order to completely minimise the possibility of any oxidation of components. The Spirulina is then flushed with inert Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

The process is called "Ocean Chill Drying" because it uses very cold, deep water from deep down in the Pacific Ocean to provide dehumidification ensuring the powder remains dry.

Finished Powder: The Spirulina Powder is protected from oxygen and therefore the possibility of oxidation using Oxygen absorbers enclosed in heat sealed metal lined drums.

Tablet Manufacture: Spirulina Pacifica is available in tablet form, which for powder not destined to be packaged is the next step. Normal tableting requires a heat process, but this would degrade the Spirulina. Cyanotech therefore uses a proprietary cold press tableting system that completely preserves the nutrient value of the Spirulina.

Quality Control: Every batch of Spirulina, 3 batches per day, is finally subjected to extensive laboratory quality testing at an in-house food laboratory to ensure consistency, safety and quality of every batch, ready for the consumer.

The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex  The emphasis of Cyanotech is completely on overall quality and nutritional content, the very reason we purchase this valuable Whole Super Food. 

Whereas other suppliers of Spirulina treat it as a commodity with the emphasis on price and profit, Cyanotech focus on what really matters - an extremely valuable Whole Super Food and Supplement with a quality second to none, and at a low enough price to make Nutrex Spirulina Pacifica a valuable addition to he daily health routine of any family.

Click Here To Visit The Website Of Cyanotech.

These Advanced Production Processes Ensure That Pacifica By Cyanotech/Nutrex Is The Best In The World 


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