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The Difference Between Spirulina And Chlorella


Spirulina Is Not The Only Form Of Algae With Whole Super Food Health And Healing Benefits. Another Well Known And Popular Algae Is Chlorella. So What Then Are The Main Differences Between Spirulina And Chlorella?

ChlorellaAlthough Spirulina broadly belongs to a large group of organisms known as "Algae", it is not a true member of the Algae family because it lacks a Cellulose Cell Wall, and is actually considered to be Blue-Green rather than green. Another member of this family of organisms that does not have a Cellulose Cell Wall and is Blue-Green in colour is Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, which only grows in Klamath Lake, Oregon.  Chlorella is a Green Algae with a Cellulose Cell Wall, which, as we will discuss is an important consideration.


Chlorella Is A Younger Organism Than Spirulina, Having Been Around For 2.5 Billion Years, But Is Grown In A Controlled Environment In A Similar Way, Only The Final Production Stage Varying Considerably

Yaeyama-ChlorellaChlorella is grown in ponds in a similar way to Spirulina, but whereas Spiriulina is typically grown in long oval raceway ponds, Chlorella is more typically grown in circular ponds like the one shown in the picture of a Yaeyama Chlorella pond in Japan. Like Spirulina, Chlorella requires abundant bright Sunlight all day, and a warm temperature to thrive and provide optimum yields. This is where the similarities end however, because the water conditions of Chlorella are significantly different, and the production conditions very different. 

Unlike Spirulina, Chlorella is a single celled Algae with a tough Cellulose Cell Wall, and which is much smaller in size than Spirulina, Chlorella being termed a "Micro-algae". Whereas Spirulina therefore is easily harvested with fairly fine filters, including fabrics and other materials, Chlorella can ony be harvested using a centrifuge to remove the water leaving the Chlorella residue behind which is then collected and dried for further processing.

Because Chlorella has a tough Cellulose Cell Wall, it would be completely indigestible unless the cell wall is "cracked" so the digestive system can gain access to the full nutritional properties of Chlorella. After processing Chlorella is sold as a Green Powder and Tablets. 


Spirulina And Chlorella, Both Ancient Organisms Billions Of Years In Development, Are Whole Super Foods With Broadly Similar Nutritional Profiles. Spirulina Is More Complete, But Chlorella Has Unique Features

Chlorophyll-BenefitsAlthough Spirulina is the ongoing Algae of choice, as a source of Complete Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals with numerous other Health Benefits, Chlorella has unique benefits that make it valuable either as a supplement to Spirulina, or to consume in volume for a while for specific purposes. One of the most profound benefits of Chlorella is its Chlorophyll content, from which it gets its name. Chlorophyll is the plant equivalent of animal blood, with a very similar biology, and serves the same basic functions.

Chlorophyll offers many valuable benefits when ingested by Human Beings, one of which is its ability to transport large volumes of Oxygen around the blood stream to major organs and the whole body. An additional and associated benefit, and one for which Chlorella is widely used is a a very powerful detoxifying agent, with the ability to removes many different types of toxins from the body and organs including cumulative and toxic heavy metals such as Mercury, which is frequently used in the "amalgam" used by dentists for filling teeth and highly toxic. Amalgam fillings should be removed as soon as possible and the toxic Mercury that has accumulated flushed out with Chlorella, which can also detoxify the body of numerous other accumulated toxins, poisons and heavy metals.

Another component unique to Chlorella is "Chlorella Growth Factor" or "CGF". Chlorella Growth Factor, which is a Nucleotide-Peptide, is responsible for the very high growth and multiplication rate of Chlorella during photosynthesis, multiplying by a factor of 4 every 20 hours. Various scientific studies and testing has proven that CGF not only influences growth rates in Chlorella, but also in animals and children as well. In addition, CGF when consumed by adults significantly enhances the functions of RNA and DNA functionality as it related to proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level, thus enhancing the ability of cells to repair themselves as well as protecting cells from toxic damage.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica By Nutrex 


While Spirulina Is The Perfect Whole Food Super Food Consumed On A Regular Basis For Complete Nutrition And Optimum Health, Supplementing with Chlorella From Time To Time Can Offer Additional Benefits For Health And Healing, Especially For Detoxification Of Accumulated Toxins And Heavy Metals, And For Stimulating Cellular Growth, Protection And Repair In Adults And Children.





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