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Summary Of  Profound Spirulina Benefits For Nutrition, Health, Healing 


  • Nutritionally, Health Complete Whole Food and Super Food

  • Natures Most Perfect and Abundant Source of Usable Protein

  • Perfect For Weight Loss and Maintaining Healthy Weight Safely

  • Slow, Halt or Reverse the Appearance of Degenerative Ageing

  • Radiant, Blemish Free Beautiful Skin Without Use of Cosmetics

  • Extremely High in Anti-Oxidants for Skin, Organs and Anti-Ageing

  • Complete Source of Vitamins and Minerals - Natures Multi-Vitamin 


This is an excellent short video that describes some of the main Spirulina benefits for Nutrition, Health and Healing 


The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is Undoubtedly This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Produced To The Very Highest Possible Standards To Ensure Maximum Nutritional Value And Safety.


  • The Perfect Daily Whole Food for Children, Families and the Elderly

  • Excellent Source of Calcium for Teeth, Bones and Healthy Metabolism

  • Highest Source of Vitamin B12, for Blood, Brain and Nervous Systems

  • Folic Acid for Blood, Cells, Skin, and Spinal Health of Unborn Children

  • Rich Source of Iron, Absolutely Crucial to Blood for Prevention of Anemia

  • Excellent Source of Magnesium for a Wide Range of Metabolic Functions

  • Source of Potassium, Crucial for Electrolyte Balance, Heart and Adrenals


Here is another excellent short video, "Spirulina The Amazing Algae" with further valuable insights in to the profound benefits of this Amazing Food.  


  • Rich Source of Vitamins B1, B2, and Vitamin B12 for Optimum Health

  • Source of Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidant, for Heart and Vascular Systems

  • Valuable for  Zinc and Crucial for Numerous Vital Body Processes 

  • Source of All 8 Essential Amino Acids Crucial to Body Health, Survival 

  • Spirulina also Provides a Further 10 Valuable Non-Essential Amino Acids

  • Extremely Rich in Anti-Oxidant Carotenoids for Anti-Ageing, Skin Health

  • Exceptional source of Chlorophyll for Many Powerful Health Benefits


This is a short video by a long time consumer from childhood with his own Spirulina benefits experiences and thoughts on this Whole Super Food


  • Abundant in Gamma Linoleic Acid - GLA - for many Health Benefits

  • Rich in Zeaxanthin Protecting Against Eyesight age Macula Degeneration

  • Rich in Lutein for Protection Against Eyesight age Macula Degeneration

  • Valuable for Reproductive System and Health and For Pregnant Women

  • Unique Source of Super Oxide Dismutase Crucial to Amino Acids

  • Powerful Neutraceutical for Healing a Wide Range of Health issues

  • Ideal pH Balance for Maintaining the Body at a Crucial Alakaline pH 


Remember - The Very Highest Quality  Spirulina Available In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Produced To The Very Highest Possible Standards To Ensure Maximum Nutritional Value And Safety.


These Are Just A Few Of The More Notable Benefits And Qualities Of Spirulina, The Perfect Whole Super Food For The Complete Nutrition, Health and Healing Of The Whole Family. For More Detailed Information Please Visit The Corresponding Pages On This Website. Spirulina Benefits The Whole Family By Making Spirulina In Adequate Amounts a Daily Part Of Your Nutritional, Health And Healing Needs






who  W.H.O.:  Best Health Food For Human Beings in the 21st Century

FAO      UN Food and Agricultural Organization: Best Food of 21st Century

unesco UNESCO: The Most Complete and Ideal Food for tomorrow

fda     America Food And Drug Administration: One of best Protein Sources

NASA Primary Food Source to be cultivated during long term Space Missions

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