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Spirulina Dosage

Spirulina Can Be A Whole Food, A Super Food Or Nutritional Supplement, Depending on How Much You Wish Spirulina To Be Part Of Daily Health 


Here Is a Summary Of Suggested Daily Spirulina Consumption


As A Predominant Whole Food:  75g to 125g Of Spirulina Powder In Juice Or Smoothie

As A Core Dietary Food Source: 25g to 50g Of Spirulina Powder In Juice Or Smoothie

As A Daily Complete Nutritional Supplement: 3g to 6g Of Spirulina Powder or Tablets



1. Predominant Whole Food Is consuming Spirulina almost exclusively as only food

2. Core Dietary Food Is a Spirulina based diet but with additional Healthy Foods

3. Daily Complete Nutritional Supplement is Spirulina taken for crucial Nutrients Vitamins and Minerals where they may not otherwise be available in the chosen regular daily diet

4.  For Children to Age 12 Years: Half Of The Above Suggested Amounts


Spirulina May Be Consumed As A Primary Daily Whole Food Source 

Nutritious-FoodAs a Primary Food Source Spirulina is unequalled on Earth, offering a vast array of Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals otherwise requiring a wide array of foods to fulfill. It has been conclusively proven that Humans are Herbivores, designed biologically to consume raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, algae's etc. for Perfect Health. While we can incorporate a wide range of Raw Vegan foods, Spirulina can be consumed exclusively to replace a wide range of foods, and a vast array of other benefits as fully detailed on this website. 

Suggested Spirulina Exclusively As A Whole Food, In 3 Equal Portions Mixed With A Half a Pint to a Pint Of Organic Fruit Juice or Smoothie: 75g to 125g  Per Day 

Note: These Suggested Amounts May Be Halved For Children Under 12 years.


Spirulina Can Also Be Used As A Primary Whole Food Source, Also Supplemented With Additional Healthy Raw Foods

Spirulina-SmoothieClearly not everyone will wish to consume Spirulina exclusively, for various preference and lifestyle reasons. In these cases Spirulina is extremely valuable as the daily core food source, providing an abundance of crucial Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals, while also supplementing with additional fresh, raw, organic foods, including, but not limited to, fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts and grains etc.

Spirulina is also Valuable as a core Food for those choosing a more traditional "western diet", making up for deficiencies in required nutrition.

Suggested Spirulina As A Core Health Food Source, Supplemented By An Organic Diet Of Adequate Balanced Nutrition, As Spirulina Powder Mixed With Organic Fruit Juice Or Smoothie: 25g to 50g  Per Day

Note: These Suggested Amounts May Be Halved For Children Under 12 years.


Spirulina Is Also A Super Food  And Super Supplement Which May Be Used As A Complete And Natural Daily Daily Diet Supplementary Addition 

Spirulina-TabletsSpirulina is Natures Ultimate Multi-Vitamin and Whole Super Food supplement which the whole family can greatly benefit from as part of, or even a complete Healthy Diet. Although a Raw Vegan diet also with Spirulina is the healthiest possible diet that we can eat, this being the diet Human Beings are designed for, of course this diet is not for everyone just yet, due to preference, lifestyle, family cooking and so on.

 Most alternative diets, especially the so called "Western Diet" most of which consists of unhealthy, processed and chemical laden foods is hugely deficient in a wide range of crucial Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals the body needs for optimum Health, Vitality and Well-Being, as well as being full of toxins.

Spirulina taken every day in the suggested amounts is extremely valuable for adding to the diet a wide range of these crucial Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals that the whole family will almost certainly otherwise be lacking, resulting in a wide range of potential health issues. 

It is crucial to purchase only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina, Notably This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Density And Spectum With Highest Standards of Production And Safety

Spirulina is Natures Perfect Multi-Vitamin. Multi-Vitamins tablets available in stores are not  natural vitamins at all, being synthetically create under laboratory conditions from raw chemicals. These commercial multi-vitamins are often considerably less effective, or even ineffective out of the context of natural food, because being synthetic chemicals without the supporting food components, the body simply cannot process them - this is particularly true of Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid - for example.

Spirulina is not only a wonderful and Natural fully Bio-Available Multi-Vitamin which the body can fully utilise, but also contains a vast array of other Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals with great Health Benefits. 

Including Spirulina daily in the Family Health Regime will be of Tremendous Benefit to Health, Vitality and Well-Being by giving the Body the Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals it really needs.

Suggested Daily Spirulina As A Nutritional Supplement: 3g to 6g of Spirulina Powder daily with Fruit Juice or Smoothie or 6 to 12 Spirulina Tablets daily of 500mg each.

Note: These Suggested Amounts May Be Halved For Children Under 12 years. 

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety, So You Can Be Sure Of Consuming The Broadest Spectrum And Highest Concentrations Of Nutritional Constituents In Absolute Safety,



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