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Spirulina Production, Farming And Packaging


Spirulina-Lake-MyanmarSpirulina grows naturally, as it has for billions of years, in highly alkaline lakes such as this Crater Lake in Myanmar, where it is harvested and packaged at facilities on the shore. Spirulina lakes exist all over the world, such as Lake Chad and Lake Texcoco where the Ancient Aztecs fed millions on Spirulina.

Although natural Spirulina Lakes are producing hundreds if not thousands of tons of Spirulina each year, due to weather conditions harvesting is often Seasonal, confined to a few months of the year where the water temperature is warmest and the Sun Light at its most intense.

Most Spirulina Production these days is carried out at purpose built facilities in ideal locations for all year round Sun Light and warm temperatures such as the Earthrise Nutritionals Farm in South California and the Cyanotech Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. These are both not only ideal locations for all year round Spirulina Production, Processing and Packaging, but have been constructed in places where it would be impossible to carry out any other type of farming, the Earthrise Farm being located in the Southern California Desert, and the Cyanotech Farm on reclaimed Volcanic Lava fields after a recent eruption buried the existing homes and industry there. So Spirulina production is not only extremely space efficient, it is also extremely environmentally friendly, especially as Spirulina, through the process of photosynthesis, converts the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide in to life sustaining Oxygen.

Cyaonotech-Spirulina-Farm-HawaiiPurpose built Spirulina Farms such as the Cyanotech Facility on the Big Island of Hawaii, constructed on reclaimed volcanic lava fields, home to the extremely high quality and nutrient dense Spirulina Pacifica, are constructed as multiple long, oval shallow ponds known as "raceway's", with the Spirulina containing water being constantly circulated by large paddles.

Spirulina requires very specific conditions in which to grow at an optimum rate, including intense Sunlight, warmth, highly alkaline conditions and a constant supply of carbon dioxide. In addition, like all plants, Spirulina requires an ongoing source of natural organic nutrients, never artificially produced chemical based nutrients, in which to thrive and multiply.

Just as the nutritional content of land for the growing of farm crops is reflected in the nutrients they provide as a food, this is particularly true of the water quality in which Spirulina is grown, which is why quality and nutrient content of Spirulina varies considerably according to where it is cultivated. Quality of the water, and source, type and quality of nutrients used in the growing process determine the quality of the final product.

Spirulina Farms such as Earthrise and Cyanotech use pure water from local natural sources, either river water, in the case of Earthrise, or water pumped from underground aquifers in the case of Cyanotech, who also pump water from the depths of the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, providing a wealth of additional minerals and nutrients.

The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

These, together with the pristine aquifer water and nutrients, as well as a strain of Spirulina - Spirulina Pacifica - bred to perfection over decades, all contribute to making Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica the highest quality, nutrient and mineral rich Spirulina in the World, particularly for the valuable anti-oxidant Beta Carotenoids. 

This Is a Video About The Farming and Production Of Earthrise Nutritionals Spirulina In The Southern California Desert


As The World Rapidly Awakens To The Profound Nutrition, Health And Healing Benefits Of Spirulina, Many More Spirulina Production Farms And Facilities Will Be Created, Following In The Footsteps Of Earthrise Nutritionals Pictured Below and Cyanotech Hawaii, Providing a Potentially Unlimited Supply of This Whole Super Food For The Entire Population, With Massive Increases In Health, And The Elimination Of Global Starvation And Malnutrition Forever



The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety

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