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Spirulina Side Effects


Spirulina Is A Whole Food And Super Food With Numerous Health And Healing Benefits, And Is Completely Natural With No Normal Side Effects

Spirulina-Amino-AcidsSpirulina has numerous benefits for Optimum Health and Healing, but is not in any way a "medicine" in the same way that pharmaceuticals as given out by doctors and other medical practitioners are. Drugs prescribed by doctors are synthetically created in a laboratory and then mass produced to be issues for vast profits, with little or no regard to the extremely dangerous side-effects, or even death that can result. Millions of people are seriously hurt or killed every year as a direct result of taking medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, simply because these chemical drugs are totally alien to the Human Body and cannot be safely processed. This is what leads to adverse side-effects, over-doses and much more with completely unpredictable side-effects, that vary widely from person to person. Artificially created chemical drugs have little or no regulatory system in the body to control how much of the drug is utilised and how any excess is safely processed and eliminated.


Spirulina Has Been Developed And Perfected By Nature Over 3.5 Billion Years As A Whole Healing Super Food - A Completely Safe And Natural Source Of Nutrition And Healer Of Numerous Health Conditions

Hippocrates-Food-MedicineSpirulina has been designed by Nature to be totally compatible with all forms of life without being dangerous or toxic in any way. It is virtually impossible to over-dose on Spirulina by eating too much, or, in healthy people, result in unpredictable health issues. Spirulina is a completely natural Whole, Healing Super Food that the body will utilise to the PRECISE extent it needs to safely eliminate any excess without any harmful or unwanted side effects. 

The only potential risks of side-effects arising from taking Spirulina are these:

1. Purchasing Spirulina from mass consumer production sources where the environmental, safety and quality controls are not a primary consideration, or in place at all, in order to keep down costs.

In addition, without such strict control over farming and production, Spirulina ponds could be open to contamination from other organisms or even toxic substances. The ONLY Spirulina we recommend completely as being safe are those originating in the USA - South California and Hawaii - which are grown and processed under extremely strict conditions for safety and quality, with no compromises, in full accordance with all food production legislation. Spirulina Pacifica, By Cyanotech, is the Highest Quality Spirulina in the World and produced under the strictest conditions or health, safety and quality control, in accordance with all relevant legislation.

2. The only known residual and minimal possible risk of side effects from consuming Spirulina are those arising from a sensitivity to Iodine, and also due to the effects of detoxification of the body, which should be welcomed.

Spirulina, like many other water based organisms such as seaweed, contains Iodine. Whereas Iodine is usually Extremely Beneficial to the Human Body, and indeed necessary, particularly for the Health of the Endocrine System, a vey few people suffer from the rare condition known as Hyperparathyroidism which includes a sensitivity to Iodine,. Anyone suffering from this condition or any known sensitivity to Iodine should nor consume Spirulina.


The In Order To Avoid Any Possible Side Effects Only The Very Highest Quality Spirulina Should Be Consumed - This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Is Produced To The Very Highest Standards of Safety


Spirulina In Addition To Being A Whole Super Food Which Can Heal Or Help To Heal Many Health Conditions, Is Also A Powerful Detoxifier To Help Flush Out and remove Toxic Chemicals And Metals From The Body

Spirulina-TabletsA more general and possible side effect and one which is to be welcomed, are symptoms associated with Detoxification of the Body and major organs such as the Liver.  Spirulina is a very powerful detoxification and chelating organism that can Detoxify the body in numerous ways, including, but not limited to removing heavy metals that have accumulated due to environmental exposure, through foods and water and also from Mercury Amalgam fillings in teeth, which are highly toxic and should be removed. Symptoms of detoxification may include tiredness and headaches. Should this arise while taking Spirulina then simply reduce the amount of Spirulina being consumed to the minimum level where detoxification symptoms are acceptable, and gradually build up from there over the course of a few days, knowing that Spirulina is not only providing your Body with a wide array of crucial Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals, it is also purging from your Body toxic substances, the removal of which will provide many profound Health Benefits.


Spirulina Is A Whole Super Food That May, With Very Few Exceptions, Be Safely Consumed In Any Amount With No Adverse Side Effects Or Other Issues, and With The Additional Benefit Of Detoxifying The Body From a Lifetime of Toxic Substances And Metals, Thus Providing Further Lone Term Health Benefits For The Whole Family 


The Very Highest Quality Spirulina In The World Is This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica With The Highest Nutrient Content, And Standards of Safety




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