Producer News: Cyanotech, Nutrex - Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Cyaonotech-Spirulina-Pacifica-Farm-HawaiiLocated in Hawaii, Cyanotech, the producer of the Nutrex brand of Spirulina Pacifica and the anti-oxidant nutrient Astaxanthin, has gained the distinction of producing the highest quality product in the world, and for good reason.

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Ageing News: Spirulina Can Slow And Reverse Signs Of Ageing


Ageing, the external symptoms of advancing years, is generally considered to be a fact of life, with most people dreading that first grey hair, first wrinkle and so on. Here is how and why Spirulina can slow, stop and even reverse the signs of ageing.

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Future News: Spirulina Chosen For ISS And Long Space Voyages


While Spirulina as a whole Super Food has vast potential for feeding an ever expanding Earth population in need of sustainable high quality nutrition, it is also being evaluated for cultivating in space as an idea food source.

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Health News: Spirulina Has 25 X More Carotene Than Carrots

Spirulina-Beta-CaroteneCarotenoids such as Beta Carotene are the very powerful anti-oxidants that the body needs in order to prevent oxidative free radical scavenging responsible for many age related conditions. Spirulina is extremely rich in carotenoids and other anti-oxidants.

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Nutrition News: Benefits Of Spirulina Powder

Hawaiian-Spirulina-PowderOne of the first and most frequent questions asked by those new to Spirulina is whether to but powder or tablets.  This of course is an excellent and valid question, the answer to which depends on whether it is to be taken as a whole food, supplement or both. 

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